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For this reason, I have narrowed down some of my favorite home products that belong in any stylish home, no matter what your style is.  
Fashion Monday: Summer Basics - shop-olivia.com

Fashion Monday: Summer Basics

I've spent the past couple of days cleaning my closet out and taking note of what items are missing or in need of an update; doing so, I realized it was time to replace some of my Spring/Summer bas...
Print Mania - shop-olivia.com

Print Mania

To brighten up your mid-week mood, I wanted to share my new-found love of prints with you all and share the pieces I believe belong in every closet! 
Fashion Monday: Pj Top Edition - shop-olivia.com

Fashion Monday: Pj Top Edition

Now that we are able to enjoy a little bit more of the outside, I'm going to show you 3 ways I style my PJ tops for the outside world.
1 Jogger, 2 Ways - shop-olivia.com

1 Jogger, 2 Ways

Happy Wednesday!  Im sure all of you have given in to the sweat-set shopping obsession- I definitely have! I promised myself I would stop splurging all-comfy items, but made an exception for a pa...
Fashion Monday: Zimmerman Edition - shop-olivia.com

Fashion Monday: Zimmerman Edition

Here at Olivia we received some beautiful pieces from Zimmerman’s Summer collection and I'm obsessed to say the least! I tried a couple of my favorite swim suits from the collection to help you dec...
Wednesday: Social Bug Edition - shop-olivia.com

Wednesday: Social Bug Edition

Wether it's a BBQ, a rooftop party, or simply lounging in your back-yard with friends, these pieces assure you will be the coolest and the chicest of the bunch…
Fashion Monday: Summer Dresses Edition - shop-olivia.com

Fashion Monday: Summer Dresses Edition

I've chosen 3 summer dresses that I styled around my playful mood, and that will hopefully become part of your favorite Summer staples! 
Mother's Day Gift Guide - shop-olivia.com

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe it's already May... time flies... Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you're like me, you're probably having trouble finding the perfect gift. This y...