Welcome to shop-olivia.com

From the moment you step into our space, you’ll get carried away by the embrace of our exquisite custom scent encompassing every corner of our cozy flagship in the heart of the bustling and beachy town of Condado, San Juan.

Inspired by memories of our travels together and our beautiful island, we aim to transport you to a convivial, fragrant hotel-lobby embedded with the delicate notes of white tea leaves while Earth Wind and Fire’s timeless record September is playing in the background. That’s our idea of perfection.

Cheerful lyrics always set the tone to start our day right. They’ve witnessed intimate moments when our customers feel the thrill of trying on the perfect dress and they’ve been part of Olivia’s journey and evolution since we opened our doors.

As we get closer to the 10 years young mark, we realize we’ve come a long way and we couldn’t be prouder because, although success didn’t happen overnight, our guiding principles remain the same.

At Olivia we collaborate with our customers helping them enhance their personal style with unique conversation pieces they will treasure forever. We specialize in year-long dreamy beachwear that transitions easy from morning to dawn and we live for summer.

Since day one, we wanted to provide a carefully curated platform to celebrate all things fashion that at the same time could be delightful, fun and relaxed, in other words, far from uptight. Hence, we’ve incorporated special amenities to our portfolio of services--whether it is valet parking, tailoring, rushed delivery, handwritten notes, App, sharing a recipe or just a warm cup of coffee (to go!) because we know how far those little things can get. Oh, did me mention we’re partners with Farfetch? Yes, we’ve got you covered. That’s the mother-daughter family touch you can only find in an independent store like ours.

As we keep on growing, expanding our reach and amplifying our digital footprint into other markets as the ultimate fashion hub, we’re always looking for ways to replicate that same sense of home and community we built with love.

With a growing portfolio of 100+ brands, we will continue to work with designers both emerging and established that advocate for diversity and inclusion. Moreover, we will prioritize pieces that tell a compelling story, that are wearable, consciously ideated and that bring joy into our lives and yours.


Macu & Melo