Print Mania

Good Morning friends!
I hope your week is going great so far...
It took me a while to get into wearing bright colors and prints. That being said, I developed a good eye for the best ones to experiment with and have now become a pro at combining them.
To brighten up your mid-week mood, I wanted to share my new-found love of prints with you all and share the pieces I believe belong in every closet! 
Pstttt...Some of the pieces might be on sale...
This dreamy set is just perfect to be worn as is, and equally as perfect when worn separately with your favorite Summer staples... Did I mention it's on sale?
A must-have for everyday wear! I paired this dress with cute vintage kitty-heels, and   can be worn & styled with just about every shoe in your closet. 
Farm Rio + LeSpecs Sunnies
Anything Farm Rio will be on my favorites list. Not only are their prints and silhouettes fun, flirty, and creative, but the quality also nears perfection. To tailor it to my style, I wore it with my favorite vintage jewelry + an edgy pair of sunnies.