Dear friend,
From November 1 to November 10, and Olivia Boutique will donate 10% of its sales to W4W.
Many of you have asked about ways to help and for us this is the best option! We are very worried about infections and epidemics developing. The best way to prevent this is to ensure all people have access to clean water. 
Waves 4 Water is a project that provides people with clean water filters and sends a group of volunteers to educate on how to use these filters.  One filter costs $50, and it provides 100 people with clean water for five years. 
At the moment, they have a goal of $500,000 and they need $98,000 to go! 
The situation in Puerto Rico is something out of the movies, something that we could never imagine. One day we were doing fine, and in 16 hours everything changed. We are living in a very primal state, clean water is very hard to find. We do not know when we will get back to "a new normal". 
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With a heavy heart,
Maria Santiago & Maria Rivera
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