The Diptyque story began in the capital of France, on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain. Three companions who shared a creative passion came together to form a luxury brand specialising in home fragrances and body care. With backgrounds in interior design and the arts, the trio created a stylish bazaar which provided customers with scented candles, room diffusers, room spray and a collection of fragranced moisturising oils and lotions for the skin. As it to make the whole of Paris sweetly scented, Diptyque offer luxury lotions and potions for the home and the body and are a beautiful designer brand to choose if looking for a gift for a loved one. You can now shop Diptyque candles, diffusers and body care items from Olivia online. So, whether you fancy indulging in a lavender Diptyque candle or perhaps an exfoliating clay to refresh your skincare routine, our Diptyque collection features plenty of options to choose from.

A sweetly scented home invites you in and thanks to the Diptyque collection now available at Olivia online, you can give your home an enchanting smell by choosing one of their luxury scented candles. Ideal as a housewarming present, Diptyque candles and homeware features scents such as gardenia, Jasmin and Patchouli. With a minimalist and neutral design, their luxury scented candle collection is both a thoughtful gift for a man or woman and will be truly treasured. For gorgeous homeware gifts for loved ones or perhaps a little treat for yourself, shop the Diptyque collection online at Olivia and transform any room into a haven that smells so divine.